September 15, 2014

What to Expect When Filing for Bankruptcy

Nobody wants to end up filing for bankruptcy, yet some unfortunate individuals still find themselves financially cornered and forced into insolvency. While bankruptcy sounds scary and intimidating, it does not have to spell the end for the individual. In fact, bankruptcy should be an opportunity for the involved debtor to solve all persisting credit issues.

The first thing that individuals filing for bankruptcy should know is that insolvency does not conclude in a single day in court; it is a financial process that can take years to accomplish. Additionally, by filing for bankruptcy, the individual is obligated to reveal his or her finances to the public for examination. Bankruptcy trustees and creditors will want to know how you have spent your money and why you are unable to repay the debt, so you should be ready to answer such delicate questions or face strict penalties.

Bankruptcy is not something you can just apply on a whim; applying for bankruptcy involves filling out complicated forms and making sense of jargon. Those who have trouble understanding the process might want to hire an attorney to help out. Having a lawyer allows the insolvent individual to not only better understand the proceedings, but also easily file the case and come up with solutions to end the debt problems.

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  1. I've been lucky to have never gone down that road...but I understand how difficult it can be.