February 9, 2015

Getting to know your Trustee

When filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you and an Orlando bankruptcy attorney will often have to face a special trustee in resolving your case. Although a long road will be ahead of you, you should know that your trustee will be there with you every step of the way. The trustee is assigned to look after your case in a variety of ways.

Vital Documents
A Chapter 13 trustee is tasked to review your entire bankruptcy petition, supporting documents, and repayment plan as you present them to the court and to your creditors. The supporting papers will include your recent tax returns and pay slips. The object of the review is to verify the petition and the repayment plan by checking your income calculations to be fair across the board.

Facing Creditors
You will have to meet with all your creditors in a single venue with the trustee overseeing the proceedings. The trustee will ask you various questions regarding the bankruptcy petition and the state of your finances. The meeting also draws a line against the creditors contacting you for the duration of the bankruptcy– any instances must be documented and reported to the trustee.


Under the repayment plan, the trustee will supervise the payment of all arrears to the creditors and will check to make sure your contributions come on time. In case the bankruptcy court has not approved the repayment plan, your trustee may recommend opening an escrow account to pool the money. 

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